Sunday, May 31, 2009

Deal-A-Day Special in June

In June, Close to My Heart is offering a different deal each day on my website, a product special available only that day and only while supplies last. Watch for popular products offered FREE with a stamp set purchase and GOODIE BOXES filled with great items priced well below retail. Irresistible SHIPPING DISCOUNTS are included! Check my website ( every day in June for that day's deal and add to your scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies while saving a bundle.

Remember each special is good only for that day, only while supplies last, and only on-line. Visit often and save! So add, to your favorites, so you can check it quickly each day.

* To take advantage of this awesome special and reduced shipping rates no other products can be purchased at the same time.
* So to take advantage of the free items go to select your single stamp set, add it into your cart. Then go to checkout and you will be prompted to click the "add" link to include the free item with your order. (Don't forget to add the free item!!)
* For days when the deal is one of the Great Goodies boxes, you'll go to main shopping page on an image of the box of the day will be featured. You will have an option to "add to cart" listed at the bottom of the page. You simply need to click that button and you will be automatically taken to checkout to finalize your transaction. (After adding the box to the cart, no additional shopping is permitted in order to receive the Deal-a-Day shipping discount.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Animal Cookies

My scrapbook retreat this weekend was fabulous and I was able to really get some progress made on my albums. Here are a few of the items I made using the new Animal Cookies paper pack from Close to My Heart. I also used our one of the new stamp sets Thank You (D1361) and one of absolute favorite sets Happy Birthday (C1257)...those are always the cards I need! I also had the chance to play with our NEW Card Confidence Program book...WISHES! That's where these card designs came from.

I love that we have the flexibility to shape our stamp these 2 cards I was able to take a long Happy Birthday and shape it to flow with my coluzzle circle. Something a little different.

Our twin boys LOVE Chuck E Cheeses...this paper pack was wonderful for the layout as it matched all the vibrant colors in the photos without competing with them! Trey & Caden's favorite is to watch Daddy race (great way to entertain 3 boys on 1 token!) ;0) As you can see in the picture on the left page, Trey is sitting in Daddy's lap while Caden has a seat on the back end. They crack me up! Fortunately, Sissy is still young enough to enjoy playing...and helping the boys with their games as well...and I get to take pictures!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Unforgettable Purse-onality

This is an adorable squash-book type of mini-album. I think it's also adorable as a little mini-giftbag or party favor since you can fit small candies or goodies inside. I've typed the directions below so you can read them better since the directions in the picture are kind of small; but hopefully the pictures with the directions will help you recreate this if you so desire.

I got this great idea from Chris Szczechowski, who was my secret sister on our Meditteranean cruise. Let me know if you have questions or shoot me an e-mail and I can send you the directions sheet that is pasted below (!

1. Score the 12x12 cardstock at 4 and 8 inches. Turn and score again the opposite direction at 4 and 8 inches. Your cardstock is now scored into 9 squares.

2. Using your ruler and embossing stylus, score the corner squares diagonally, from outer point towards the center of the paper.

3. Using your ruler and embossing stylus, score the center left and right squares, from outside center to inside corner

4. Cut the 2 patterned sheets into 3 ¾ inch squares. Determine which pieces you want in each position both front and back (reserving 1 square for the purse topper), then cut the necessary pieces into appropriate triangles and adhere to cardstock.

5. Center the reserved 3 ¾ square of patterned paper over the 4x4 piece of cardstock and score at 1 inch.

6. Punch 2 holes on the 1-inch score line at approximately 1” left and right and thread ribbon through for handle. (Attach ribbon ends to 1” section so it’s hidden when assembled.)

7. Attach 4x4 cardstock to top, center square by adhering the 1” section to the purse.

8. Fold on scored lines, like an explosion card. Embellish and add photos as desired.

Monday, May 11, 2009

May Stamp of the Month: Be Yourself

I found some time this weekend to play with our new stamp set: Be Yourself.

It is absolutely adorable. The silhouettes are so versatile and work with any paper combination! I used Bella on these first 2 cards and the 3rd one is Moon Doggie. I'm having too much fun & can't wait to play more at my retreat this for more! ;0)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

CTMH Bella workshop

These layouts were created using the NEW Close to My Heart Bella papers. We have a fabulous workshop program (Workshops on the Go) where we can create 6 pages and 3 cards using just 1 paper pack, stickease and an embellishment....this is the first layout created and the 3 cards. I'll post the other 2 layouts once I get pictures on them. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rockin' R Retreat

I'll be attending this scrapbooking retreat at the Rockin' R Retreat facility in Temple, TX. It's absolutely awesome...catered meals AND each person gets their OWN 8 FOOT Table!! Unbelievable! Anyways, she just posted that she still has 6 seats if anyones interested/available, check it out! Would love to see some of ya'll out there! I'm doing the super-duper weekend and making it a Thursday-Sunday...finally, me time to scrapbook!!! ;0)

Click on the title above to see the details at her website.

CTMH That's Amore My Creations 3 Ring Binder

This is Close to My Hearts newest mini-album in the MyCreations line, the My Creations 3 Ring Binder. We created it at the CTMH Album Retreat using Thats Amore paper, dimensional elements, rub-ons and stamping.

Fit Folio Mini-Album

Supplies Needed:
1 - True Fit Folio
12 - print B&T patterned paper (3-7/8” X 6” )
5 - print B&T patterned paper (2-1/2” X 3-7/8”)
5 - cardstock (3-1/2” X 6”)1 - 1" x 6" piece of B&T to cover opposite side of tab
24” of ribbon for book tie Stickease, stamps and/or accessories for embellishment
Paper trimmer
Scoring tool
Coluzzle Knife, mat and oval or circle template
Liquid Glass

1. With the folder closed, score at 6” with crease of folder down and the folder tab at top. Press scoring tool with enough force to transfer score to both sides of folder, but not so hard as to tear the cardstock. You can use a stylus to score...or the scoring blade on the trimmer. I prefer the stylus because it seems to score better without tearing the paper.

2. Turn folder sideways, make next score 4” and then 8” from fold side of folder. Make note to measure the 4" in with the folded side of the folder and the tab of my folder is to the left.

3. Open folder & fold along 6” score line. Then fold along each 4” score. Re-fold in opposite directions to make folder fold easier in any direction. Be sure to line up the edges of the folder flush before securing crease. Use bone folder to make creases crisp.

4. Open folder, PLACE FLAT WITH THE FOLDER TAB TO YOUR UPPER LEFT HAND SIDE. You are now looking at your inside (top row with tab) and back (bottom row) of your book. Glue your 6” X 3-15/16 ” pieces of B&T inside each of the 4” X 6” scored boxes on this side of your folder. You will want to make sure you glue your pieces in between the ‘mountains’/‘valleys’ of your score lines.

**When gluing your pieces to the 'short' or tabbed side of the folder you will want to make sure to apply adhesive to the folder and not the paper. So the overhang of paper does not get glued to your work surface.**

5. Trim excess B&T from tabbed side of folder.

6. Using the Coluzzle cutting system along with the oval template, you are going to cut about 1-1/4” deep circles into each of the 4” X 6” squares at the top of your folder on the tabbed side of the folder. SKIP the first tabbed square and do the next five across the top. Place your oval template as shown in the picture, line up the outside edge of the first oval on the template with the outside score marks of your 4” x 6” square. Cut the second line in on the template. Repeat to rest of squares.

7. Turn your folder over, still opened flat. (You will be looking at the blank side of the folder) Glue the 2” X 3-7/8” pieces of B&T along the top five of the 4” X 6” scored squares opposite to the side with the circle cut outs. Making sure the pieces are flush with the edge of the folder. You will also glue the 1” x 6” piece of circle B&T to the folder edge, and trim.

8. Now would be the time to take the stamp pad of your choice and run along all the edges of the book to distress. Not only is this a neat look, it will help to disguise the white edges of the folder in between your B&T.

9. Flip folder back over to B&T covered side and you are now ready to decorate the inside of your book. The inside of your book will be the top of your folder (with the tab to your upper left hand side) which should also be the side your circle cut outs are made on.

10. When you have completed your embellishing, you are now ready to glue your folder together to make it into a book. With our Liquid Glass, place a SPARSE amount of glue along each of the 4” wide scored seams, as well as, all over the back of the tabbed square. Fold the book over along the 6” score pressing each scored line to ensure a good bond. You will also need to glue the last square of your book along the edge. At this point, you will want to set the book aside to allow to dry.

11. While waiting for your book to dry, distress and decorate your 5 tags for journaling or pictures. I have also created books with two tags per pocket.

12. Now bring your attention back to your book. Starting with the front page forward, accordion fold each square to create the book. Do not be alarmed if your book wants to pucker a bit…it’s just the ‘nature of the beast’. Once you have accordion folded it together, pinch and manipulate those places that aren’t folding together well….work the scored seams back and forth a few times and your book will seem to function better.

13. Attach ribbon to the back of the book, making sure your ribbon is oriented to tie to the right hand or tabbed side of the book.

Butterfly Accordion Card

Going Live on Blogspot

I've never "blogged" before, but have decided to join the techno world and give it a, I was trying so hard to post directions for artwork on my website...and it just wasn't I've decided to creat this blog so I can post the directions so much easier (fingers crossed!) ;0) Enjoy!