Monday, September 30, 2013

CTMH Babycakes Blocks

Don't you love when a typo becomes a fun project?!  So here's the background story...ya'll know how much I LOVE Flip Flaps!  Well, I needed to restock my dwindling supply of the Small Flip Flap Assortment (Z1747) so I ordered 25 packages (yes, I use them a LOT)!  Imagine my surprise when my box arrived and instead I had 25 My Creations Blocks (Z1746).  I re-looked at my order, and YES I typed in the wrong item number by 1 little digit (and NO, I didn't double-check my order before submitting)!

Fortunately, with all the projects I've been creating with Babycakes, I had plenty of scraps leftover to allow me to start playing with these blocks to see what I could come up with!  I used the Babycakes Canvas Shapes (sadly, these are no longer available in canvas, but as Stickease instead)  Same shapes, different texture.  Once I had all the blocks decorated, I used puddles of adhesive to stick them all together, and let dry overnight.  Lots of pictures below as I was rotating the blocks to show all the side (please forgive...I just couldn't get the lighting right, so they're not the greatest pics). Aside from the photo quality, I think the blocks turned out super-cute and am happy that my typo inspired me to create this adorable project!!



I used some Proplayer Assortment, Artisan Studs, Mocha Opaques and Dark Chocolate Striped Grosgrain Ribbon to embellish the blocks...these were all "leftovers" from other projects!  I'll admit to a 1st...I actually used up the very last of my Dark Chocolate Striped Grosgrain Ribbon...I can't remember ever using up an entire roll of ribbon (and this isn't a skimpy roll...5 yards), but apparently my fondness for this ribbon had me using it ALOT...I was planning to have the top bow cascade down...but alas, this was the final bit, enough to tie a bow!  (I've since opened another spool and continued playing!!)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CTMH Sarita Cricut Artbooking Layout

Still "playing" with the Cricut Artbooking Collection!  It's such fun and layouts come together so quickly and easily!!  This time I dabbled with our Sarita Paper Pack, the Sarita Assortment and our Burlap Ribbon.  I'll admit, the burlap gives me flashbacks to potato sack races in grade school...but despite those unsuccessful races, I love the texture it adds to projects...definitely an embellishment to have on-hand just in case!

For this layout, the dial size was set to 11" for EVERY cut and I only used 1-Key:  <10things>

I tied a piece of hemp around the burlap to give it a little "bow" effect.  Another option is to unravel some of the burlap and use that to tie off the burlap.
Durable Artisan Studs are self-adhesive and add that extra little something with the etched wooden shapes found in the Sarita Assortment.


<PhotoMat2<Shift><10things> (cut 2)

Outdoor Denim:
<PhotoMat2><Shift><10things> (cut 2)

Friday, September 20, 2013

CTMH Cricut Artbooking Baby Mini-Album

I was tinkering with the Cricut Artbooking cartridge to create this mini-album using our Close to My Heart BabyCakes papers.  The album is the My Creations Kraft 3-Ring Album (Z1871).  

With the "proportionality" capability in Artbooking, I set the dial size at 8" and cut everything!  I love that I'm able to jump around and grab pages, elements, titles and photo mats from any of the keys and by leaving my dial at 8" it all fits!!

Chocolate Cardstock: Whisper Cardstock: Sunset Cardstock:
<PhotoMat1><e> <PhotoMat1><3> <PhotoMat1><shift><e>
<PhotoMat1><q> <title><e> <Icon><shift><e>
<PhotoMat1><w> <Title><shift><e> <Border><e>
<PhotoMat2><e> <PhotoMat2><r> <Overlay><shift><R>
<PhotoMat2><shift><4> <Border><shift><e> <Overlay><R>
<Border><w> <PhotoMat2><shift><w> <Title><R>
<overlay><shift><w> <Title><Shift><9> <PhotoMat2><W>
<icon><r> <Border><Shift><W> <PhotoMat1><R>
<icon><e> <Overlay><shift><e>
<title><q> Dots Patterned Paper: <Border><shift><e>
<title><shift><q> <PhotoMat1><Shift><R> <Icon><shift><R>
<icon><shift><4> <Overlay><Shift><3>