Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Family Vacation

WOW...our trip to California was awesome! The boys are still talking about Disneyland, the "Mountain" roller coaster, the beach and the HUGE desire to go back! ;0) It was so much fun and we truly enjoyed every bit of it! Legoland was a big success and so much fun...the boys continue to talk about the racetrack and going back when they're older so they can ride the big boy racetrack! We weren't sure how they'd react to the Disney characters...but aside from some initial shyness...they were pretty excited about meeting Mickey, Minnie, and the gang!

Hiking back to the hotel after a LOOOONNNNGGGG day. The kids were all real was only about a 10 minute walk...but on this day we walked 10 minutes in the opposite direction so we could have dinner at Bubba Gumps...then had to walk back to the hotel for 20 they were done...Mandy snapped this picture of us lugging them was a fun night and Bubba Gump...YUMMMYYY! ;0)

Can't do Disney & leave without the ears! ;0) They looked so cute...even if they were tired...recommend getting the ears while they're all still fresh and perky...we waited till the end of the day so they weren't crushed, but of course all were tired at that point! ;0)

And the fireworks...just beautiful! I snapped this pic as we were walking past...turned out alright considering I was moving! ;0) Doesn't even begin to speak to how awesome the show was!

My Dad, Brother and his family joined us at Disney...we are taking the 2nd through 6th row of the boat...great ride, no line...oh, maybe cuz you do all the work! ;0) But the kids loved the rowing...and it was a nice way to work off the munchies we'd been consuming!

San Clemente Beach...gorgeous! Our family friend, Gino, acted as tour guide and took us out to the beach in San Clemente and the pier.

The boys were upset when they realized this did not constitute a "bath" when we got back to the hotel. But absolutely loved this, as you can see!

Now I just need to find some time to actually scrapbook all the pictures we took...meanwhile, we are happy to be home and settling back into things but continue to talk about the fun we had on our first big family vacation since the boys joined us!! ;0)


  1. I see some terrific scrapbook pages in your future! Lovely family. looks like you had a blast!

  2. I think these are going to make awesome LO's! What a great family!