Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Studio J - Mediterranean Cruise

We had an absolutely fabulous vacation last year on our Mediterranean Cruise...unfortunately, it took me a year to finish the album. I wish I could claim a valid excuse...but since I participated in a swap with 15 consultants who each created 2 layouts...I finished my vacation with 30 completed layouts.
It took me a year to pick my pictures. I will clarify that I took over 2,000 pictures on that trip...so many beautiful sights...I didn't want to miss anything...so my camera just kept snapping...but trying to narrow that down...way too hard! ;0) Then I had to select the pictures for the layout, get the sizes, order them, then figure out what pictures I had ordered for which layouts...then the easy part, putting them on the page.
Fortunately for me, during this process I was beta testing Studio J...and WOW!!! It was so nice to pick a picture, drop it on the page, swap if needed, rotate, adjust...whatever with just a click of a mouse! These 6 layouts were created on Studio J...1 of them by my daughter!
What do you think? I'm so excited and can't wait for everyone to experience Studio J!!!! (Don't forget, if you wanna have early access...just join CTMH and you can access Studio J as early as January and at a discounted rate!!!)

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  1. You're doing good - it's taken me a year to start on them! I too have several thousand pictures to go through, but just did my 12 layouts and placed the order last night, so I can't wait to get them!