Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CTMH Workspace Wonders Variations

We had a temporary outage of the Workspace Wonder Stamp Pad Stack, but they are back in stock!!  I wanted to share this video showcasing the Workspace Wonder system...and MORE examples of how to configure the Workspace Wonder system!!!

Watch this new video here!

CAUTION:  Please note that the Stamp Pad Stack was designed specifically for our NEW Exclusive Inks Stamp Pads.  The Stamp Pad Stack may not fit your other brands of inks.

The space for the inkpad is 11/16th of an inch high, 3 7/8th of an inch wide, 4 inches deep.  Our CTMH new ink pads sit about 7/8th of an inch outside of the stack.  Our ink pads measure a smidge over 1/2 inch thick, 4 7/8" long and 3 3/8" wide.

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