Wednesday, January 10, 2018

CTMH Love Letters

Create your own gorgeous monogram décor with our exclusive Love Letters kits, available only in January!  These kits include everything you need to create a beautiful décor piece using the letter—or letters—of your choice! 

Our CTMH Love Letters special features a set of beautiful letter kits designed to be used as elegant monogram décor pieces. Each kit comes with a sturdy chipboard base, a paper and rose-gold overlay piece, die-cut florals, banners, and rose-gold foil alphabet stickers.  

Take advantage of our Buy 5, Get 1 FREE special to spell out your "word of the year", inspirational title or name!  

I wanted to share the differences in how I assembled my Love Letters, along with some tips and tricks to make it a little easier on you!!

My letter "N" has been "bling'd up" while my letter "P" is created with just the kit!  Here are the differences to help you decide what you'd like to do with your letters!

The N flowers were sponged with Pixie and Pebble inks to add dimension and depth to the flowers.  They were assembled using our Thin 3-D Foam Dots to give a little separation between the layers.  A pop of color and dimension were also added with our Bashful Pearls in the center of the flowers.

The P flowers were glued with our Bonding Memories glue, making them flatter in appearance, no sponging or additional bling was added to this project.  Thin 3-D Foam Dots were used to adhere the flowers to the letter.

The green flowers on both letters N & P were assembled using our Quilling Tool and Liquid Glass.  The remaining flowers are layers stacked, so an adhesive of your choice will work.  For the letter N flowers, we used Thin 3-D Foam Dots giving the dimension and for the letter P flowers, we used Bonding Memories Glue, which kept them flatter.

For adhering the letter to the chipboard piece, it is HIGHLY recommended to use Bonding Memories Glue, being careful not to get glue on the Rose Gold front of the letter.  

For adhering the flowers to the front of the letter (specifically the Rose Gold section), Thin 3-D Foam Dots are the BEST option.  The liquid adhesives have a harder time working with the Rose Gold overlay.

Tweezers were very helpful in placing the alphabet stickers on the banner...ensuring they don't stick to your fingers and making it easier to line them up for the "cursive" look!

The Piercing Tool was helpful in placing the bling, foam tape and popping out the little dots in the center of the alphabet stickers.

I really love how my letters turned out!  These will be hanging in my crop room to add a little decor to my crafty space!  

These letters will make great gifts for Baby's room, initials on children's doors, word art in your home and so much more!  Remember, these letters are exclusive to the January Papercrafting get yours while you can!

Recommended Tools & Bling at-a-glance:
Quilling Tool - for rolling the green flowers
Tweezers - alphabet sticker placement
Piercing Tool - bling placement, poking small scraps out of the alphabet stickers and picking up foam dots
Thin 3-D Foam Dots - layer flowers for dimension and adhering flowers to front of letter
Bonding Memories Glue - adhere flowers without dimensions, adhering paper Rose-Gold letter to chipboard
Liquid Glass - for assembling the rolled, green flowers
Sponge or Dauber - for sponging Pixie & Pebble ink on flowers
Pixie & Pebble ink pads - for sponging ink on flower edges
Bashful Pearls - for flower centers

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