Tuesday, October 2, 2018

CTMH Boutique Love Scrapbook Layout

Our Boutique collection will win you over with its unique blend of trendy patterns and soft, eclectic color palette:  Sugarplum, Peach, Ballerina, Saffron, Peacock, Glacier, Charcoal, Linen and White Daisy.  This is the first layout from the Boutique Scrapbooking WYW kit.

Click here to download the Boutique Scrapbooking WYW Kit!

The Boutique Workshop kit is also available as a deluxe option with 3 different workshop patterns.  Click here to download the Deluxe Boutique Workshop Guide.

The Deluxe layouts are made using the Boutique WYW and the Deluxe Bundle, which includes the Sugar Plum Shimmer Brush, Opaque Matte Texture Paste, Palette Knives and Stencil Sheets. (Note: you’ll also want a cricut or die system to cut the stencil sheets into templates for the paste)

If you’d like to make all 6 layouts (classic and deluxe), you’ll need 2 Boutique WYW Scrapbooking kits.

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