Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fit Folio Mini-Album

Supplies Needed:
1 - True Fit Folio
12 - print B&T patterned paper (3-7/8” X 6” )
5 - print B&T patterned paper (2-1/2” X 3-7/8”)
5 - cardstock (3-1/2” X 6”)1 - 1" x 6" piece of B&T to cover opposite side of tab
24” of ribbon for book tie Stickease, stamps and/or accessories for embellishment
Paper trimmer
Scoring tool
Coluzzle Knife, mat and oval or circle template
Liquid Glass

1. With the folder closed, score at 6” with crease of folder down and the folder tab at top. Press scoring tool with enough force to transfer score to both sides of folder, but not so hard as to tear the cardstock. You can use a stylus to score...or the scoring blade on the trimmer. I prefer the stylus because it seems to score better without tearing the paper.

2. Turn folder sideways, make next score 4” and then 8” from fold side of folder. Make note to measure the 4" in with the folded side of the folder and the tab of my folder is to the left.

3. Open folder & fold along 6” score line. Then fold along each 4” score. Re-fold in opposite directions to make folder fold easier in any direction. Be sure to line up the edges of the folder flush before securing crease. Use bone folder to make creases crisp.

4. Open folder, PLACE FLAT WITH THE FOLDER TAB TO YOUR UPPER LEFT HAND SIDE. You are now looking at your inside (top row with tab) and back (bottom row) of your book. Glue your 6” X 3-15/16 ” pieces of B&T inside each of the 4” X 6” scored boxes on this side of your folder. You will want to make sure you glue your pieces in between the ‘mountains’/‘valleys’ of your score lines.

**When gluing your pieces to the 'short' or tabbed side of the folder you will want to make sure to apply adhesive to the folder and not the paper. So the overhang of paper does not get glued to your work surface.**

5. Trim excess B&T from tabbed side of folder.

6. Using the Coluzzle cutting system along with the oval template, you are going to cut about 1-1/4” deep circles into each of the 4” X 6” squares at the top of your folder on the tabbed side of the folder. SKIP the first tabbed square and do the next five across the top. Place your oval template as shown in the picture, line up the outside edge of the first oval on the template with the outside score marks of your 4” x 6” square. Cut the second line in on the template. Repeat to rest of squares.

7. Turn your folder over, still opened flat. (You will be looking at the blank side of the folder) Glue the 2” X 3-7/8” pieces of B&T along the top five of the 4” X 6” scored squares opposite to the side with the circle cut outs. Making sure the pieces are flush with the edge of the folder. You will also glue the 1” x 6” piece of circle B&T to the folder edge, and trim.

8. Now would be the time to take the stamp pad of your choice and run along all the edges of the book to distress. Not only is this a neat look, it will help to disguise the white edges of the folder in between your B&T.

9. Flip folder back over to B&T covered side and you are now ready to decorate the inside of your book. The inside of your book will be the top of your folder (with the tab to your upper left hand side) which should also be the side your circle cut outs are made on.

10. When you have completed your embellishing, you are now ready to glue your folder together to make it into a book. With our Liquid Glass, place a SPARSE amount of glue along each of the 4” wide scored seams, as well as, all over the back of the tabbed square. Fold the book over along the 6” score pressing each scored line to ensure a good bond. You will also need to glue the last square of your book along the edge. At this point, you will want to set the book aside to allow to dry.

11. While waiting for your book to dry, distress and decorate your 5 tags for journaling or pictures. I have also created books with two tags per pocket.

12. Now bring your attention back to your book. Starting with the front page forward, accordion fold each square to create the book. Do not be alarmed if your book wants to pucker a bit…it’s just the ‘nature of the beast’. Once you have accordion folded it together, pinch and manipulate those places that aren’t folding together well….work the scored seams back and forth a few times and your book will seem to function better.

13. Attach ribbon to the back of the book, making sure your ribbon is oriented to tie to the right hand or tabbed side of the book.


  1. good job Noreen. Nice start - I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Fabulous instructions - you rock girlfriend :O)