Monday, May 2, 2011

Studio J & Flip Flaps, Oh My!

My boys had their first experience on the Slip n Slide a couple years ago at Grandmas house in Arkansas, and boy did they have a BLAST!! I took so many pictures, I had a hard time thinning them out so they could be scrapbooked! Even after going through them several times to pick my favorites, I couldn't fit them all on one layout, so I created 2 in Studio J!

But, I didn't want to have "2" layouts in the album, so I used our 12" Flip Flaps and put it into the album as one layout!

By cutting the first layout into 8" and 4" pieces on both the left and right pages, I was able to place them into an 8x12" and 4x12" Flip flap and adhere it over the left page of the 2nd layout. So what you're seeing above, is how it looks in my album.

This is the left page, with the left side flap opened.

Here is the left page with both the left and right flip flaps opened to show the inner layout.

I love how the flip flaps allow me to make my layouts interactive...and also gives me the ability to put 2 complete layouts (and all those pictures), into 1 layout!

Wanna see more about Studio J...and of course, I've gotta BRAG about these pictures...check out the NEWEST How-To Studio J Video on Personalizing Your Layouts (below or on! These same photos were featured in Close to My Hearts how-to video. Check it out today! I'd love to hear what you think!

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