Monday, October 24, 2011

Studio J: Catchin' Up

Do you scrapbook every photo?  Or just the "occasions"?
Sometimes it's those "everyday" pictures that capture the memories and would easily be forgotten!  I've found that with Studio J, I'm more willing to scrapbook pictures that I otherwise might have kept, but never scrapbooked!

When Mandy goes shopping, she likes to take pictures of herself with her outfits on, then scroll through the photos to narrow down her choices!  Being able to capture these memories, in a quick Studio J layout is priceless!

Catching up on some of my layouts that I've not gotten to yet, still many more to scrap...but so exciting to see the albums filling and my scrapbook "to-do" list getting smaller!  I'm taking more pictures, knowing that I'm not that far behind anymore!  Yeah-me!!

I wasn't sure what to think of Elemental, when I first saw it.  But I've rapidly fallen in love with it especially when I'm playing with my Cricut Art Philosphy cartridge...all the little boxes, bags, 3-D items and more look fabulous on our Elemental paper!!  

For this layout, I loved the basics of the geometric shapes, and being able to play with cardstock to emphasize the colors...I found I really liked how this layout looked when I finished it...and of course playing with the Stickease...what fun!

Roxie...loving it!  Taking these all black pics and splashing some pink on a the Band Concert a little zip!  Roxie is so sassy!!

I mentioned pics you wouldn't necessarily scrapbook.  These 2 pics are so cute, but with only 1 each on different you really make a layout?  I couldn't resist scrapbooking them, especially since Studio J made this layout inexpensive and quick...but still allowed me to capture some of those "everyday" moments in our lives!!  Loving it!!  (Kit:  Believe) 

The silliness, playfulness and sibling love...that's what this layout means to me.  As with all siblings, our kids have their moments of bickering and such...but then there are times like this where they can all play together, laugh and have a good time...these are the times to remember! (Kit: Lucky)

So there are definitely some moments we don't always pictures of me and Mandy sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for Dad to get home and kill a bug!  No pictures of those a scrapbooker, we get to document the "flattering" pictures and crop those that aren't.  Well, we had such a great time with our firepit and making smores, that I had to scrapbook these pictures, despite the fact that I was still on crutches and had not bothered getting out of my PJs...Oh well, guess it's okay...the memories still make me smile!

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