Thursday, April 4, 2013

CTMH Later Sk8r Scrapbook Studio J Layouts

I've definitely enjoyed playing with the CMTH Later Sk8r collection...both in paper and digital formats!  Below are a few of the Studio J layouts I've completed using Studio J and Later Sk8r.  The colors work beautifully with all the pool-time layouts I've completed, as well as a little arcade, Vegas and several other pages.

  This layout is one of the NEW Studio J patterns added last month:  Gallery Collection (8-9 photos).

This is another of our NEW Studio J patterns: Beauty in Repetition (10-12 photos).  Mandy and I discovered the Fruit Ninja game at Dave N Busters, so we spent quite a bit of time demolishing fruit and winning tickets...we took the game quite seriously...maybe a little too seriously, but it was so much fun!

Yet another of our NEW Studio J patterns...can you tell I was excited to see the new patterns arrive?!!  Supporting Cast can accommodate 14-16 photos!

One of my favorite benefits of Studio J (aside from the super-fast and easy way to create) is that I can duplicate a layout, then swap the pictures out so each of my boys gets their layouts with their photos featured!!  As you can see, these two layouts are essentially the same, I just rotated the right page to coordinate with the different photos, then swapped the boys pictures out, and wallah, they each have their own layouts!

And another quick layout using Later Sk8r and Studio J, this pattern is Snappy, an exclusive Studio J pattern that accommodates 14-16 photos!  

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