Sunday, September 15, 2013

CTMH Artbooking Halloween Mini-Album

Love, Love, LOVE Halloween!!!

I just finished this cute Halloween Mini-Album using the CTMH Cricut Artbooking Collection!!!  Super easy, just set the Cricut Dial Size to 6" and cut everything!!  

EVEN BETTER, this Spellbound paper is currently on my shopping website for ONLY $2.20!!  That's not a typo, it's truly 2 dollars and 20 cents for 18 pieces of paper (12 cardstock and 6 patterned)!!!  

HURRY, it's While Supplies Last!!!
Black Cardstock: Sunset Cardstock: Black Dots:
<PhotoMat2><U> <PhotoMat2><I> <PhotoMat2><Shift><I>
<PhotoMat1><U> <PhotoMat1><U> (2) <PhotoMat1><U>
<PhotoMat1><Shift><I> <Title><I> <Title><Shift><C>
<PhotoMat1>Shift><U> <Title><Shift><I>
<Icon><Shift><U> <Icon><Shift><I> White Dots:
<Overlay><Shift><U> <Border><Shift><I> <PhotoMat1><U>
<Border><Shift><C> <Border><I> <PhotoMat1><Shift><U>
<Icon><C> <Title><C>
<Icon><Shift><C> Slate Cardstock: <Border<Shift><I>
<Icon><Shift><B> <PhotoMat1><U>
<Title><V> <PhotoMat1><I> Stripes:
<Border><Shift><U> <PhotoMat2><Shift><U> <Overlay><I>
<Icon><I> <Overlay><U> <Title><U>
<Overlay><Shift><I> <PhotoMat1><U>
White Cardstock: <Overlay><Shift><C> <Border><Shift><I>
<PhotoMat1><U> (2) <Overlay><U> <Border><I>

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  1. How adorable....thanks so much for sharing!!!!