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What is Proportionality?

What is Proportionality?
From TheFreeDictionary.com
  (pr-pôrsh-nl, -pr-)
1. Forming a relationship with other parts or quantities; being in proportion.
2. Properly related in size, degree, or other measurable characteristics; corresponding
3. Mathematics Having the same or a constant ratio.
One of the quantities in a mathematical proportion.

pro·portion·ali·ty (-sh-nl-t) n.
pro·portion·al·ly adv.

The Close to My Heart Cricut Artbooking Collection SCREAMS proportionality!!  That's the key to this cartridge and what is absolutely ROCKING my world!!

Artbooking is designed so all the cuts are proportional to each other.  What does this mean?  If you set your dial to 11", every element on the layout will be perfectly proportional to each other for a 12x12 layout!

Want to create a smaller project, album or mini-album?  Super simple, just change the dial size setting to a smaller number and again cut each element.  Each piece will be proportionately sized to work with the smaller project size!!

Here's a layout I created in both 12x12 and 9x9 sizes to give you a visual representation of how the Artbooking Proportionality works!  For my 12x12 layout, all pieces were cut at 11".  For the 9x9 layout, all pieces were cut at 8". 

 (I'll confess, the 2nd layout was going to be an 8" layout, but I just can't seem to remember to make the number a little smaller than the finished project.  That's not required, but if you don't, then your overlay covers the entire page vs giving you a border, and I really wanted the border, so I just made my base pages 9x9 instead of 8x8)

If you haven't purchased your Artbooking collection...September is a fabulous time to join the party!!  The collection ($125 value) is only $99 PLUS you'll be able to get 4 BONUS stamp sets for only $15 more (see pictures below!)

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Visit my website to see the Artbooking Shape Index, Artbooking Handout and even an Artbooking Sample Projects page!!
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National Stamping Month!

Get an exclusive You Are My Happy stamp set trio in celebration of National Stamping Month! During the month of September, when you make a purchase of $50 or more, you qualify for this whimsical stamp set trio for only $10. You'll love the whimsical alphabet, light-hearted sentiments, and fanciful images for a variety of occasions to give a cheerful touch to your projects, with a full retail value of $47.90!!!
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Check out this fabulous video showing some truly creative ideas using our Poster Tidings Stamp Set...so versatile!
Subway Tidings
Subway Tidings

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Rediscover Close to My Heart!
Close to My Heart invites you to Rediscover Close to My Heart and help you rediscover your passion for paper crafting, scrapbooking and cardmaking!!

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Close to My Heart is a visionary, yet conservative, company that makes decisions in a financial way to ensure CTMH is a legacy company!

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You Are Welcome Here
You Are Welcome Here
I'd love to chat with you about Close to My Heart and answer any questions you may have regarding products, artwork or the Close to My Heart opportunity!
Getting Organized

So I've shared that I'm bit of a numbers geek, just love them!  Another thing I love is organizing!  I'm not a huge shopper, but send me into an office or container store and it's on!

Thankfully, Close to My Heart brought out a line of organizers making it that much easier for me to organize my tools and supplies!  Here are some pictures of some of mine... (yes, in some instances I'm using the term "organized" very loosely!)
Top left is our medium organizer...I'm using it here as my event tool box.  The crop-a-dile just lays right on the top, and in the lid I've velcroed an 8 1/2 x 11 organizer to hold my larger items.  I've also used the craft boxes to hold the smaller items and was able to store 4 of them in one compartment!

Top right is our large organizer, I've removed 1 of the dividers on the left and placed my cricut cartridges, books, etc there.  Stamps fit beautifully in the large organizer...designed to hold 40 stamp sets, but if you turn them sideways, it'll hold a LOT more!  Again with the velcro in the lid, this gives me space to store my chipboard pieces and my shape indexes, keeping all my cricut supplies together in one container!

Bottom left is our small organizer with the craft boxes insert and thepigment inks insert (again with the velcro!)

Bottom right shows 2 of our craft boxes...a tip a customer shared with me and I LOVE is using the craft boxes to hold the negatives from your cricut cuts!  Especially with Artbooking and the overlays, I've began collecting lots of little shapes that can easily be used to create another project!

Top left
 is our My Acrylix Organizer, designed to hold 15 stamp sets...you can fit more if you alternate the stamps with the top going left and right so the "button" on the stamp sets is alternated, providing more room!

Top right is a picture to show you what I mean about the button, alternating the top of the stamp set so it is alternately left and right inside your organizer!

Bottom left is the medium organizer (very "loosely" organized...can I use the excuse that I was creating, so it's not nearly as neat...or should I just fess up that  this is probably as neat as it's going to get with me!) LOL

Bottom right is the small organizer with the blocks foam insert.  The small organizer will also work to hold both a block insert and a craft box insert in the same organizer!

For our Project Lifers, the medium organizer is PERFECT for storing your project life pieces!!
You can still join our Close to My Heart team and get 22% off of all of your purchases!!  

I'd love to answer your questions and help you get the most bang for your buck while stocking up on the latest with Close to My Heart!!
For those of you in Arkansas, or close by, check out this fun scrapbook weekend I just learned about!!  I was all geared up to go and realized I had a conflict on my calendar...but I'll be making sure I don't miss it next year!  Spots are still available, so mark your calendars and sign up for this loaded event...classes, product, crop time and more, woohoo!! 

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