Friday, January 15, 2010

CTMH Studio J - California Beaches

The beaches in California are so pretty...however, coming from the Texas heat in June...we were not quite prepared for the "chilly" weather when we got to California! I always picture the sun and beaches when I think of was surprised when we found that we needed sweaters...and ooooooh, was the water cold! But did that stop us...heck no, we didn't drive all that way for a family vacation to not enjoy the beaches! As you can see...the kids were a bit braver about the water than I was (I just don't do cold!) ;0)

These are also Studio J layouts...I was able to create them as one of the beta testers for the software, so I played with a lot of the different paper packs so I could test them out! What a great job to have! It was such fun creating these layouts and I loved being among the first people to check out Studio J! You won't want to miss's going live in March for our customers (and Consultants have access now!!)


  1. Your Studio J pages look great Noreen! Quite addicting aren't they? Love how fast they are to create and how gorgeous they are when delivered! Can't wait for March for the launch!