Saturday, January 9, 2010

CTMH Studio J - More California Adventures

I'm almost done with our California Album...just some final layouts I need to sit down and finish was such a fun trip and as we normally do on vacations, we crammed tons of stuff and zillions of photos into that week. Here are some additional layouts created in Studio J. Once this album is done, it'll be time to organize all our New Zealand photos and start working on that album! I can't wait for all my friends and family to have access to Studio makes scrapbooking so fast and easy...even for those who've never considered themselves a "Scrapbooker"! Stay's tentatively scheduled to be released to customers at the end of March! It was just released this week to ALL Close to My Heart Consultants...yeah!

Legoland was AWESOME!!! The boys so want to go back again...we only had time to explore one small area of the "cities" built from of course we spent our time in Las Vegas! ;0)

I love this layout...the boys were so super excited about all the Cactus on our when we stopped to get gas and they saw this big cactus, they ran right up and touched it...ouch!! So funny...some lessons must be learned first-hand! ;0)

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