Thursday, December 6, 2012

25 Days of Gift Ideas: Coloring Matchbook

I really like this one for birthday parties, classroom parties, classmate gifts, etc.  A mini-coloring book with crayons instead of a baggie of candy!

For mine, I stamped images that could be colored, but you could just print clipart or coloring pages to insert into your Coloring Matchbook, especially if planning to make a large quantity.

 I used the Flakey Friends (C1506) stamp set, Outdoor Denim Ink (Z2140), Outdoor Denim Cardstock (1275), Crystal Blue Cardstock (1292) and Colonial White Cardstock (1388).

For the cover, I used 2nd generation stamping of the snowflakes to give them a softer look.  NOTE: The cover will be adhered last to hide the interior staple for the crayons.

I used part of a clear plastic envelope/bag, trimmed it down and taped it closed, then stapled the crayons inside.  After this is done, the Cover Art can be adhered to hide the staple.

These were my inside pages for the coloring book.  You can use any variety...look through your stash of stamps and see which would make great "coloring pages"!

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