Sunday, December 16, 2012

25 Days of Gift Ideas: Post It Stand

This is another of my favorites for the simplicity and inexpensiveness of it!  Take a plastic 4x6 photo frame (shown below).  Typically less than $1 to purchase.  Design a 4x6 insert and lay the frame down.  Stick down a pad of post-it notes and wallah!

I used the CTMH Scholastic Paper Pack (X7159B), the Silver Metallics Marker (Z1768) and cut a square of the 12" x 12" Chalkboard Sheet (Z1789) to create the insert.

A first for me, this year I also added the "pen holder" by taking a piece of grosgrain ribbon and some red tape.  I placed the red tape on the ribbon (approx 1.5"), then wrapped it tape side out around the pen leave 1/4" of the tape exposed so it can be adhered to the frame.  This made the ribbon sturdier with the tape and ribbon layer, and the exposed tape was a quick and strong way to adhere it to the frame!

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