Monday, December 10, 2012

25 Days of Gift Ideas: Neverending Card

 Do you ever get inspired by magazine ads, mailers, commercials, etc?  Well, about 8 years ago I received a postcard advertisement, that continually opened like a Jacobs Ladder.  I held it for years thinking I'd figure out how it worked...and here's a version I've come up with.

 I used the Christmas Love (D1492) stamp set....I couldn't resist using "The Magic of Christmas Never Ends" on my neverending punny!

The first page opens left to right, revealing this:
 Notice this window opens top to bottom, revealing this:
Another left to right opening, which has a little carry-over from the previous window, and then opens to our last window at the back of the card. 

This is the fourth and final window, when you open it top to bottom, it brings you right back to the beginning, allowing you to keep on going!

You could place photos within the card as well, or little notes, messages or whatever works for you!  The biggest note is you'll want to keep each window as flat as possible since it all folds within itself.

Visit my website to download the instructions to create your own neverending card!

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